Does CyberSecurity Sound Like You

  • What Is Cybersecurity?

    Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks. Also known as information technology (IT) security, cybersecurity measures are designed to combat threats against networked systems and applications, whether those threats originate from inside or outside of an organization.

  • Is There A Demand?

    The good news is that the demand for cybersecurity professionals is at an all-time high, and companies are scrambling to find qualified professionals. This is partly due to the ongoing threats of hacks, data breaches, and other security incidents—it’s estimated that around 30,000 websites are attacked each day, often exposing sensitive user data (Bulao, 2020). . Most countries now require companies to protect customers’ personal information.


If you are eager to become a digital defender and learn how to keep data safe from prying eyes, or if any of the below describe you, enrolling in this program could help put you on the path to achieving your goals:

  • You are a tech enthusiast looking to start your career in tech and get your foot in the door in the world of networking and security.

  • You understand the growing need for cybersecurity professionals and want to become a part of making the internet a safer space.

  • You are currently working in a technical field and want to expand your cyber knowledge, better understand how to keep data secure, and learn hands-on skills to apply on the job.

  • You are a part of a company that has urgent cybersecurity needs to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of data and software.

Course curriculum

    1. Syllabus Update

    2. Program Updates

    1. Wait I have 0 knowledge of IT

    2. Network & Security Devices You Will Encounter In A Real World Company

    3. Network Basics

    4. Cybersecurity Basic Concepts

    5. Linux & Virtualization Basics

    6. A+ Assessment

    7. The Vanishing Workstations: A Helpdesk Mystery Case Study

    1. Introduction to ITIL(Information Technology Infrastructure Library)

    2. Service Management

    3. Introduction to Project Management

    4. ITIL(Information Technology Infrastructure Library)

    5. Incident Management Software

    6. IT Service and Project Management Assessment

    1. Introduction to Cybersecurity Part 1

    2. Introduction to Cybersecurity Part 2

    3. Introduction to Cybersecurity Part 3

    4. Introduction to Cybersecurity Part 4

    5. Security Terms & Definitions

    6. Cybersecurity Handbook

    7. Cybersecurity Fundamentals Assessment

    8. Case Study - TechSavvy Bank Heist: Cracking the CIA & IAAAA Enigma

    1. Welcome to Network Fundamentals

    2. Introduction to the universe of computer networks for Beginners

    3. Network Fundamentals Part1

    4. Network Fundamentals Part2

    5. Network Fundamentals Part3

    6. Network Fundamentals Part4

    7. Configuring Networking Devices (Hands On Labs)

    8. Packet tracer LABS

    9. Further Your Networking

    10. Need more training on computer networking?

    11. Network Security & Firewalls

    12. Palo Alto Firewall

    13. Palo-Alto Firewall Practical Training

    14. Palo Alto PAN-OS Assessment

    15. FortiGate NGFW Firewall

    16. Well Known Network Protocol Ports to Generally Know!

    17. Network Assessment

    18. Case Study - The Phantom Queries: Unraveling the DNS Enigma at MedTech Corp?


About this course

  • 237 lessons

Be Prepared For A Positive Change

The Knowledge transfer journey will change you forever.

Everybody will see cybersecurity jobs all over the internet but nobody really explains how they got there or ALL the pieces of the puzzle which can be frustrating. Some have great hard skills and others just a basic roadmap. This is why our program not only educates with fundamentals but all required soft skills and other fundamental career skills such as resumes and interviews to make sure your at the top of your competition!

About The Instructor

I have been in the I.T industry for seven years now and want to help others find their passion for the tech industry! I came from forensic sciences dropped out with 0 knowledge of tech. I had to build the skills from scratch and made many mistakes a-long the way. From starting as a basic network analyst and progressing my way up to a senior infrastructure engineer I encourage everyone to never stop learning. Although a great journey, I want to teach others from my mistakes and experience expediting their entry into a tech career. We all start somewhere and this is the best year to make a career change to better your lifestyle.

Divy nayyar

Infrastructure Sec Engineer | Educator | Founder : InTech | Tech Content Creator | Investor